The National Immigration Forum Action Fund

Dream GraduationThe National Immigration Forum Action Fund was formed to increase the profile of policy issues that matter to immigrants, and influencing federal legislation to benefit immigrants. The Action Fund focuses on legislative issues and leaves space for issue advocacy through public education and communications.  The primary purpose of the Fund is not on partisan political activity, but rather to work closely with key constituencies and elected and appointed policymakers from across the political spectrum to forge practical, common-sense solutions to fix our broken immigration system.

Our prescription includes:

  • Quicker Family Reunification: More opportunities to immigrate legally, so that families are kept together.
  • A Revised Work Visa System that Fits Today’s Economy: Reforms that will allow more foreign-born workers to fill critical jobs when there are not enough American workers to be found.
  • A Realistic Approach to the Undocumented:  The Action Fund advocates for practical solutions that would allow undocumented immigrants, who have become a critical component of our workforce, to earn legal status (and eventually citizenship) once they register with the government, submit to background checks and meet other requirements.

The National Immigration Forum Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) organization.

The Action Fund complements the work of our affiliated organization, the National Immigration Forum, which advocates for the value of immigrants and immigration to our nation. America has been a land of opportunity for immigrants from across the globe.  Our country grew and prospered because we welcomed ambitious and hard-working immigrants who helped grow local economies, shared their culture, and helped define the American tradition.

The Forum seeks to uphold that tradition of welcoming immigrants, a tradition that has served our nation well.

For more information about the National Immigration Forum, please visit www.immigrationforum.org.


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